New Identity for a brand new bar in Bolton – Carbon

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There’s a new bar in Bolton, and everyone should know about it as it will be the first of six within the next few years.

Paul, is the proud owner of Carbon Bar and after a six month restoration, the bar and venue is a total transformation and almost beyond recognition to its former days. The brickwork has been exposed, a fantastic neutral, earthy deco is complimented by fantastic spot and ambient lighting, creating a welcoming, relaxed atmosphere.

As the venue is downstairs with no direct windows to show off the interior, the logo was to represent the style, sophistication of what to expect from the bar itself.

The colours where pantone matched to the decor and the banners and outdoor signage and the A-board use a clever element of the arrow within the logo.

Depending which way the the public approached the bar, the arrow would ‘point’ to the stairs by just reflecting the arrow, on the other side of the banner.

So all ways lead to Carbon! As Carbon is C6 in the periodic table, the one bear reference to this and also indicated which venue it is, the first of many!

The business cards are given as promos to attract new clients, to try Carbon for themselves, they are better than flyers as they can fit in handbags, wallets to be used whenever convenient for the potential customers.

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