I’d just like to say that the quality of your service thus far has been impeccable…

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Upon finishing a flyer design and news of my recent transition from part time freelancer to full time freelancer, I received this email from a very happy client:

“I’d just like to say that the quality of your service thus far has been impeccable, so I can only imagine how you will thrive now that you can give it all of your energy, congratulations and all the best in your new venture!”

This was very heartwarming, to hear from someone when I had only just finished her flyer design, prior to this we had only communicated throughout email, I hadn’t even spoken to her directly.

She then went on to say:

I’m definately recommending you!! There’s no nonsense and I feel like I’m working with a human being as opposed to other companies where you can’t help but wonder if a machine is answering their emails!  (feel free to quote me!) 

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It’s this kind of positive feedback, even before the first design job hadn’t even been completed, that inspired me to start a blog, to record all these special moments, where the appreciation is almost overwhelming.

Working direct with clients, I feel you experience everything more, firsthand, the up’s and the down’s and that is what drives me to provide the best service I can.

Mellow Drama are now in process of having a banner designed, so will keep you posted…

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